Property & Real Estate

Expert legal advice and experience are givens. Where we differ is our commitment to understanding the business objectives of our clients and working with them to achieve those objectives. We aim to provide commercially realistic advice and analysis based on our knowledge of the property industry.

We deal with all aspects of property transactions, including:


  • leasing
  • negotiation and preparation of land contracts
  • conveyancing
  • planning and environment issues
  • due diligence and acquisition
  • strata titles
  • development and construction
  • liquor licensing


We have a thorough understanding of direct and indirect taxation issues and other government regulatory requirements relating to the acquisition, development and ownership of property.

Our context

It is one thing to know a client's business, but without understanding the ‘environment’ in which the business operates, that knowledge is flawed. We understand the whole property environment including the motivations of each stakeholder such as buyer, seller, agent, developer, financier, tenant, property manager, shareholder or unitholder.


Stephen Park


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Sheridan White

Senior Conveyancer

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25 October 2018

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